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Legacy Cruise - Rome and Pompeii

Legacy Cruise - sea sickness and Legacy classes

What a terrific day at sea today! It started off really badly though. This morning was the first time in seven cruises that I’ve actually requested a sea-sick pill. I did not want to teach classes this morning. In fact, Dave (Legacy’s president) didn’t even show up in the morning. Our cabins are on the 11th floor of the Jade – I guess the higher you are the more waves you feel.

Our class sessions began with each person telling where they were from. There were lots of us from North America, but a surprising number of people from Australia and New Zealand. For the majority of cruisers this was their first time, but we had two who were sharing their fourth Legacy cruise with us.

We had four sessions of classes – mapping and locations, Research Guidance and blogs, timelines and events, and then a question/answer period. For the first time ever, we decided to record (audio and video) the sessions so our cruisers could enjoy the classes without having to take copious notes. We’ll publish the classes (only for cruise attendees) when we return home.

One of the highlights came in the afternoon when Dave decided to “spill the beans” on one of our upcoming version 8 features. I couldn’t believe it. We decided before the cruise that we weren’t going to say anything about version 8. The moment we do, the questions always start rolling in about when it will be available. Everyone on board was sworn to secrecy. Now you have another reason to cruise with us….Anyways, the feature he explained is a great one and I can’t wait for all of you to have it. In fact, all of the things we've been working on are really terrific! However, I’m sure it will still be quite some time before v8 is available, and we’re not even saying “soon” yet.

All in all, today’s classes were very successful and a joy to teach. Classes will resume in two days after our visits in Rome and Pompeii.

Ken (Legacy's vice-president) welcoming everyone:


What a great group!


Dave and Geoff in the question/answer session:



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Oh, have a good time while you left others behind to work the FGS!! (Humor intended)

For those of us landlubbers, it would be so nice if the class notes on a CD could be available for purchase.

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