Legacy Cruise - Rome and Pompeii
Legacy Cruise - day in Croatia

Legacy Cruise – day at sea

Crusing on the Norwegian Jade is how everyone should spend a Wednesday. Here’s how today went….

7:00am – Woke up. Classes didn’t actually start until 10:00am today we needed extra time on the Shuffleboard courts. We (Dave/Luc/Ken/me) have an ongoing tournament. Shuffleboard helps us teach better classes. We ate breakfast in the Garden Café on the 12th floor. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. Today I had a ham and cheese omelet, pineapple, watermelon, croissant, and orange juice.

2009 09 08_0117 7:45 or so – Shuffleboard – we played to 50 points. Luc won twice, I won once. I love this game.

9:30am – we set up for our day’s classes in the Alizar Restaurant on the 6th floor. The seating arrangements are very comfortable. Everyone sits at a table with plenty of note-taking room. At the back of the room are Danishes, other desserts, and plenty to drink.

10:00am – We taught the Legacy for Beginners class, although I think most everyone learned something new. We talked about some simple things that make using Legacy better including setting your preferred line, turning on the relationships, setting the three quick bookmarks, and standards for data entry of names and dates. Great class.

11:00am – This class is always a favorite – sources! Sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? After discussing the principles of documentation, we learned about how to add a new source and its detail, how to properly cite an existing master source, tips for effectively sorting the master source list, using the source clipboard including saving and loading clipboards, and how to print citations in reports.

12:00pm – The next best time of day – lunch. Today we ate in the Grand Pacific Dining Room on floor 6. For the appetizer I had the Mexican crab dip with vegetables. I continued on with the grilled salmon with mashed potatoes, and topped it off with strawberry-covered chocolate ice cream.

2:00PM – Lunch was so good, do I really want to go back to class? During morning classes the captain announced a new belly-dancing class to take place at 2:00. I was nervous that our students would attend it instead of our Sharing Electronically class, but it looked like everyone came back. In this class we discussed different methods of sharing our genealogy including printing to a traditional hard-bound book or using a print-on-demand service such as that at lulu.com. We then talked about publishing to GEDCOM-based websites and demonstrated how to use Legacy’s web publishing features to create a personalized website. Finally we learned about creating shareable CDs and agreed that Legacy’s Create CD tool was a much better way to share with our family than just copying miscellaneous files to a CD.

4:00pm – More shuffleboard and got ready for dinner.

2009 09 09_0173 5:30pm – Tonight, Christy, our group’s travel coordinator, took us all out to dinner at the Jasmine Garden Asian Cuisine. Most restaurants on board are included in the cruise fare. This was one of a few that require an additional cover charge. The dinner was excellent – thanks Christy! And special thanks to Ken and Diane who watched our 8-month-old for us. Kaitlyn was ready for bed and missed her parents. Otherwise she’s done spectacular this week.

7:30pm – Usually at this time we would attend the main performance in the Stardust Theater. Last night’s performance featured the comedy of Lenny Windsor who wrote for Benny Hill. Tonight we chose to relax in our cabin. Tomorrow we visit Dubrovnik, Croatia.

No ice cream for me tonight – too much food! I’m glad most of my pants have the expandable waist band – they’re coming in handy now.


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"I love this game"
"...expandable waist band – they’re coming in handy now"
"Shuffleboard helps us teach better classes"
"the captain announced a new belly-dancing class to take place at 2:00.....I was nervous that our students would attend it instead"

lol !! love your random comments.

Can I please come on a cruise with you sometime? It would be the best place for me to learn anything about geneology since I honestly can't get motivated or find enough time to sit down and learn what I need to learn with my crazy life. A cruise would give me set aside time and a good teacher to learn it. I could come on the cruise as your personal luggage carrier, personal napkin folder, or personal camera carrier person. The classes sound interesting and the places you are seeing are amazing.

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