Legacy Cruise – day at sea
Legacy Cruise – Venice, last day of classes, and Olympia

Legacy Cruise - day in Croatia

2009 09 09_0219 Every cruise has its hidden jewel. During last year’s Legacy Cruise to the Baltic capitals, Estonia’s beauty and history took all of us by surprise. This year it was Dubrovnik, Croatia. This morning as the ship approached Dubrovnik, we first noticed the massive stone wall which surrounded the city. Dubrovnik was based on maritime trade and in the Middle Ages, as the Republic of Ragusa, it because the only eastern Adriatic city-state to rival Venice. It was home to notable poets, playwrights, painters, mathematicians, physicists and other scholars. Today it welcomed over 2,000 guests from the Norwegian Jade including our Legacy guests.

After a walk through the ancient city, we climbed the stairs (seemed like hundreds of them but probably only twenty or so) to the top of the city’s wall. From the wall we could view castles, a panoramic view of the sea, and surrounding islands. One of our Legacy guests said to me that this was the most beautiful place they’ve ever seen. I completely agree.

Another one of our Legacy guests mentioned that of all of this cruise’s experiences, the thing she has enjoyed the most was the Legacy classes. That was a nice compliment, but I had to wonder if she had visited Rome, Naples/Pompeii, or Croatia. :)

Tonight’s on-board entertainment featured the Maestranza Spanish Ballet. I’m not much of a ballet guy but I actually really enjoyed this. We ended our day with crepes covered in rich chocolate and whipped cream.

Here’s some of today’s pictures.

Climbing the stairs to the top of the wall:

2009 09 10_0186 

Views from the top:

2009 09 10_0196 


The Norwegian Jade:

2009 09 10_0214-edited


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Nice photos.
Was it a tender to shore?

Rob - yes, this was taken from a tender boat.

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