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How to recover from a genealogy cruise

Our 6th annual Legacy Genealogy cruise has concluded. What a great time we had. Now it's back to real life where we have to make our own food, clean up after ourselves, and come up with our own entertainment. Returning to normal life isn't as easy as it might seem....

Most of us picked up desynchronosis (jet lag) on the way home. I'm writing this article at about noon, but my body thinks it's time to go to bed (guess I better keep this short, eh?) My 8-month-old daughter was perfect on the airplane ride home (I was really worried) but now at about one in the morning she's ready to start her day. Oh the woes of returning home from a genealogy cruise. ;)

Food here at home is not quite the same. I really want my 2-egg ham and cheese omelete, hash browns, bacon, pineapple, and orange juice for breakfast, but I don't want to make it or clean it up. I'll sure miss the cruise food and ice cream sundaes. My waist line doesn't mind though - I lost 5 pounds! Can't believe it! We did walk a lot to see the sights. I'm sure this is what saved me.

Coming home from a genealogy cruise also means that I've got some catching up to do. I'm now down to 616 work emails, 202 personal emails, and various mailing lists and RSS feeds to catch up on. Should I just delete everything as if I didn't receive the messages? Kidding....I'm actually quite anxious to get back to work - we've got some great things we're working on.

In case you missed it, we wrote about our travels on this Legacy News blog:

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Thanks to all of our cruisers for making this a memorable experience. Hope to see all of you in Australia and New Zealand next year (that's the plan for now, we'll "officially" announce it soon I'm sure). Here's our group picture. I don't think everyone made it for the photo, but we're still a great looking group:



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