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Legacy Cruise 2008 - An Enormous Success

Cruise2_2Our Legacy Genealogy Cruise to the Baltic Capitals has sadly concluded. :) I must say it was one of our most successful genealogy cruises ever. Nearly 200 Legacy cruisers from all over the world attended, and for most, it was the vacation of a lifetime. What more could one want - genealogy, food, history, DearMYRTLE's classes, food, travel, and food (glad I bought those pants with the expandable waist)?

While at sea DearMYRTLE and the Legacy staff taught classes and everyone learned something. What a treat it was to have DearMYRTLE teach us about evaluating our sources, blogs and podcasts, locating digital records, and so much more. And despite being thousands of miles from home, she was still able to bring us breaking genealogy news. One of the best parts of the instructional time were the after-the-class breakout sessions where we discussed questions and received suggestions for future Legacy development.

Cruise4We visited Denmark, Germany, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, and England. My personal favorite was our day in Denmark where I visited my Rasmussen ancestors' homeland. Thanks to one of our Danish translators, Poul Erik Sørensen, we located the small village and church where my ancestors attended. Luckily the 912-year-old church was open, and I sat where they once sat. We even got to climb the narrow, spiral staircase of the bell tower. It was an experience I will never forget.

Some of us will never forget this experience for other reasons. First of all, nearly all of the cruisers came down with desynchronosis. After about a week we were better, but upon our arrival back home, we once again were plagued with this terrible syndrome--otherwise known as jet lag.

Cruise3DearMYRTLE will now appreciate every future vacation when her luggage actually arrives. We felt really bad for her when after the 2nd and 3rd days she was still without her luggage. Imagine going the entire trip without her luggage. Well, it never arrived. Hopefully now that she's back home it has caught up to her.

After a few days of recovering from desynchronosis, we're back to work developing Legacy. Thanks to our Support and Sales staff that stayed home we were still able to provide our customers with great service. And thanks again to all our Legacy users, and especially to DearMYRTLE, for making this a wonderful experience. We hope to see many of you next year (September 2009) when we sail the Mediterranean. Details to come....






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This was our first cruise and was more than we expected. Now we know that it won't be our last. I learned so much from the classes, and I have already put some of what I learned into action. This includes learning how to set up and use dual monitors.

If you have never cruised with Legacy, I would highly recommend it.

Thanks Christy, Dave, Ken, Geoff, and last but not least Dear Myrtle. We loved every moment.

The best part about this cruise was meeting such WONDERFUL people. Thanks to Aileen, my patient and generous (sharing) roommate, and her best friends Patricia and Harry. And there were the gals who offered me their extra clothing since my bag was missing. (I still haven't received it, but they assure me by next Monday...)

We did just fine as long as Harry didn't cross the line. (An inside joke about the friendly palace guards with their designated no-access zone.

I particularly liked being able to teach, then have lunch or dinner with folks to extend some of the discussion points. I wrote a little bit about this in my DearMYRTLE blog: http://blog.dearmyrtle.com/2008/08/genealogy-courses-cruises.html

I'm planning to go on as many genealogy cruises as possible. It is a great way to see the world AND talk about our favorite topic -- GENEALOGY!

Wonderful first cruise! I came back with so many ideas of places to search and how to use Legacy in ways I'd never thought about.

Thanks to Jeff, Ken, and Dave for all their help! I love having Myrt as a cousin! Sharing a cabin with her added a lot to the cruise experience. Thanks also to Sue from London, a fellow classmate, for sharing her ideas and resources.

I am having a hard time understanding why friends don't want to see ALL my pictures. There are only 531 wonderful images of our excursions to share!

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