Legacy Charting - New Update Now Available - Pre-Release version 7.0.094
More About Legacy 7's Upcoming Release

Legacy Family Tree 7.0 (Pre-Release Edition) to be released at NGS this week

If you are going to be at the National Genealogical Society Conference this week in Kansas City, Missouri, we invite you to visit the Legacy Family Tree booth where we will be displaying the new features in Legacy Family Tree version 7.0.

In fact, Legacy 7.0 will be available for purchase as a special pre-release edition. You will be the first to try out Legacy 7.0's new mapping, sourcing, and wall charting features (lots of other new features too - to be announced soon). This special pre-release edition is only available to attendees of the NGS conference.

When will Legacy 7 be available to everyone?

Okay, here's a little more information than the "soon" answer....For those who purchased Legacy 6.0 from July 1, 2007 to the present, we will begin shipping your upgrades next week. There's a lot of them to be shipped out, so thank you for your patience. Our hope is to make Legacy 7.0 available from our online store by the beginning of June.

Exhibit Hall Hours (free to the public)

  • Wednesday, May 14 - 9:00am to 5:30pm
  • Thursday, May 15 - 9:00am to 6:00pm
  • Friday, May 16 - 9:00am to 5:30pm
  • Saturday, May 17 - 9:00am to 3:00pm

Legacy NGS Conference Lecture

  • Thursday - 9:30am - Citing Sources Evidence-Explained Style Using Legacy's New SourceWriter

Our Booth

Don't miss the opportunity to visit personally with the Legacy developers. Visit us in booths 615 and 617.


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Could you post the lecture slides for the "Citing Sources Evidence-Explained Style Using Legacy's New SourceWriter"? I have struggled with how to do this and would really like to see how it will be implemented.

So when will 7.0 finally be released for all of waiting eagerly to try it? I can't wait to see what they have improved on from the 6.0 version.

Just to let you know that I am excited to see that we are close to a release and wanted to get my "thank you" in before anyone else started complaining to you about "they want it first". You have a great program, and I am only to happy to wait for a nice clean release without bugs, and all the new functionality.

Thanks to the programmers and testers from one old genealogist.


Releasing in conjunction with the NGS is a great idea, but don't forget all of the rest of us who have promoted and used the product since version 1 and can't attend the conference. We have a vested interest in seeing Legacy Family Tree do well and you have a vested interest in us as loyal customers. Good luck at the conference and we who can not attend look forward to our special release also. Gord Forrest

Jeff, Legacy 7's SourceWriter will have the correct input fields for the various source types, and will produce the citation according to Evidence's standards. There won't be any slides, as it will be a live demonstration.

Where in Kansas City will this be?

What happens to those who have purchased before July 2007?

Do we get a discount as we have been waiting for Legacy 7?

I agree with Gord Forrest in that those old users of Legacy are also excited about its release and we have a vested interest in seeing Legacy Family Tree. Don't forget those of us who cannot attend the conference.

Robert, yes, there will be special upgrade pricing for existing Legacy 6.0 Deluxe customers.

So, if we downloaded the software, how will you ship it to us? Will you send us a download link for version 7, or are you shipping to everyone, even if version 6 was purchased as a download.

I'm a little confused. Owners of 6.0 Deluxe can upgrade for free if they purchased after July 2007 but those of us who own the exact same version purchased before that date will have to pay for the upgrade????? I could understand if the versions were different but an upgrade is an upgrade. Shouldn't the same consideration be given for ALL loyal registered purchasers of 6.0 Deluxe???

Just to confirm the comment made by Lucy. Anything good is worth waiting for and Legacy has never failed to impress and please since I first began using the program, now quite a few years ago. While you are waiting, if you are that impatient - do some more research on your family !

Great News.

I know that it has been worth waiting for.

So congratulations to all at Legacy and to all the users

Tom Smidth

Will there be a new manual for Legacy 7?

While some parts of my well worn earlier user guides are still to be investigated, L6 is still the best "G" program on my system.

Over the years, I have purchased both Legacy 5 and Legacy 6 Deluxe Editions. However, it appears that I will now have to pay once again to upgrade to Version 7 whereas a new customer buying version 6 today will get the V7 upgrade for free.

I hope I am wrong but if I am correct, I think it's completely unfair to charge a loyal customer for an upgrade when a new customer get's it free.

Thank you

Kind regards

Jeff Davies

I live in Australia and all my ancestors are from England or Scotland -- I hope that Legacy 7's SourceWriter will help me when it is released. I'm really struggling with how to input data from the English Census and source it properly as any samples I've found are all for the US.

I have been trying to find out more information about Legacy 7.0's reported "footnoting" capability and if it applies to written information compiled by researcher for publication.

Phil, yes, there will be a new manual for version 7, both in .pdf format and in printed format.

Jeff, only customers that have purchased Legacy within a certain time period before a new version is released gets the new version for free. This has been Millennia's policy since the beginning.

I'm a bit behind the times and am still using 5.0 Is/will there be a migration path to 7.0?

Adding new functions is very good but don't forget to repair the bugs reported by the costumers.

Owners of the previous edition of Legacy should not get the new version for free. I understand Millennia's policy on this, but some discount is a nice touch for loyal users. A few dollars would not be out of line.

One feature that I would like to see in a future release, if it is not in v.7 already, is the ability to attach PDF files to a note entry. This would allow scanned copies of referenced documents to be accessed directly from a note entry. This would be a great move away from all the paper copies.

Hans, Legacy 7 will import your Legacy 5 family file. I don't know if there would be special upgrade pricing or not.

Donna, it has always been our policy, as well as most other software company's policies, to offer a free upgrade to new purchasers when a new version is imminent.

Guy, if you purchased the download-only version, you will receive the download-only upgrade. These will also be processed beginning next week.

Janice, this website provides all of the information about the conference, including its location: http://www.ngsgenealogy.org/AnnualConference.cfm

Roll on the beginning of June!!! Can't wait!

For those of you complaining about paying for an upgrade. I think Legacy does a great job and updates their software frequently for free. Anytime a software company has a new release you have to pay for the upgrade, for example, any Microsoft product. Legacy does most software companies one better. Back in July, 2007, they knew they had a new release coming out - they probably thought it would be sooner, but things did not work out as planned. To encourage customers to get started sooner rather than later, they offered them a deal. They usually also give their current customers a limited time offer discount when upgrading.

I quit using Family TreeMaker because, I ordered it one day and the very next day they released a new version and even though my order had not been sent, they sent me the old version rather than the new. When I called to question this, they said, "Your order was processed before the new version was released." They lost me as a customer forever.

Thank you Legacy for all you do.

Hi I agree with Jeff Davies, some of us where waiting for Legacy 7 when it was mentioned but slightly unfair on us who purchased before July 2007 while new members who subscribed after July 2007 gets the Legacy 7 free. As we did not have the option to get Legacy 7 free.

Will there be a way to install Legacy 7 and import data into it while still maintaining Legacy 6? There are bugs in Legacy 6 that have puzzled all your experts, but I know what they are and what doesn't work. New versions of anything always have bugs. I don't want my functional but flawed Legacy 6 to be overwritten,

CE, you could install v7 into its own folder, copy your existing v6 file into the new folder, and then use both.

sheesh comeon guys. You bought v6, or in one case v5 over 12 months ago and you want the new version for free!! Do you want this poor guy to eat or ever release another version. Yep at one time he said, look V7 is about to come out so if you buy now we will give you a free upgrade so that people still bought the existing version. It took longer because of some PAF or whatever issues.

Have you got $30 or $40 value out of if so far - if so what are you complaining about. Would any of you seriously use another product for over 12 months and then take it back asking for a full refund, which is basically what you are doing here.

You would think the upgrade price is $400 or more, like microsoft or many others. You can buy this new for less than $40, IMO it is almost stealing it at the full price.

I am just glad that V7 and that wonderful sourcing template will be released the beginning of June and not the end. My daughter does genealogy as one of her 4-H projects and the biggest complaint has been the sourcing issues. We might not be able to fix all of her sources before judging but if we can get a start on it that will be great.

We have been using Legacy for 4 years now starting with a free download 2 nights before her first project turn-in. We started with this one because it was the easiest for her and I to understand.

Thanks Geoff and your team for all the time you have put in. I can't wait (and pay)for the new release.

My goodness. It sounds like people want their cake and eat it too. Like Katrina said above, the people at Millenia have to eat too. It's not that pricey to upgrade (like Adobe Photoshop).

I have been using Legacy for over 3 years, initially with version 5. Can't wait for the new version .... it sounds excellent. As for paying for the upgrade .... I certainly wouldn't expect it to be free. Software development is an expensive business and when a whole new version is on offer it is perfectly reasonable to charge an upgrade fee. I've got my money already to go and hope to be spending it in the next 3 weeks!!

I have had Legacy since the begin and I've paid for all version’s so far -this time I lucked out and I will receive the updates for free... and if I was not I would have no problem paying for it... I've bough just about all the programs that have come out and over all Legacy can not be touched by any other program…

thanks Troy

I bought Legacy 6.0 last year after using the Standard Edition for several weeks and realized how much better the Deluxe Edition would suit my needs. I was informed that they were releasing 7.0 in 2008 and I would receive a copy of it since the 6.0 manual was out of print. In the meantime, I took a genealogy course at a local college and they persuaded me that FTM was a better program. I purchased it and I immediately had problems. I downloaded several offered patches and it worked OK. Then, we got a new computer last month and I installed FTM which did not do well with Vista. A few weeks later I got my new edition of Legacy 7.0. A Blessing in Disguise! I installed it trouble free on my new Computer with Vista OS/Microsoft. It works like a charm. Sorry I left Legacy in the first place but I'm glad to be back. Although I haven't thoroughly digested all the new features in 7.0 it looks real good.

Keep up the good work Legacy staff!

I have been using Legacy since version 3.0 but did not purchase the deluxe version until L5. I have been waiting for version 7 since version 6 was released because I am always anxious to learn something new. I have several other programs that I use to hold unproven data (I never upgrade these), but Legacy will always be my primary program. I don't mind paying for the new versions because it is the only program I use that can be upgraded for under $150!

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