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Special Holiday Offer on Legacy Family Tree

Purchase Legacy Are you looking for a gift the will really bring the family together? Then give the gift of Legacy Family Tree. As a Legacy Family Tree 6.0 user, you can purchase additional copies of the software for friends and family at a reduced price (up to 25% off)! Copies of the program that are purchased now will also get a FREE upgrade to Legacy v7 when it is released.

Save up to 25%
To take advantage of this special offer, simply run Legacy and click on the Legacy Home tab. In the Legacy News section you will find your private coupon code and simple instructions to use it. Deluxe edition customers receive a 25% off coupon (yet another perk for Deluxe edition customers). Standard edition customers receive a 15% off coupon.

Limited time only
Here's your chance to give Legacy to your friends and family at a great price. Your private coupon code can be used only once. Up to 10 gift copies of Legacy can be purchased with the coupon. Offer expires December 31, 2007.

Purchase your gift here.


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Why don't you run a special discount for members applicable to all your add-on products just in time for Christmas?

I have a long wishlist of genealogy related products that I'd like, as I am sure most Legacy users do, too.

I Agree...
I just finished buying all the toys for my Windows XP... and my computer crashed...
Now I have Vista, and it's quite a bit to buy all those programs all over again!
Discounts would be a great conversion incentive if program developers were so kind!

I just got my Legacy and am so Thrilled with it! I tried another program that SAID I could download a patch that would work with Vista so I bought it and guess what.....yep hours and hours of entering information down the tube! I was reluctant to try something else...but I tried yours (free trial) and with in two hours I had bought the program.
Thank you Legacy! I love your program so much I can't pull myself away!

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