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Legacy Search Tip: Who was born, married, and died in your family file in the last year?

Question from Marg,

I want to find out all that happened in my family tree file for a single year. Example, who died, who was born and who married in the last year. Can some kind person tell me how to do this?

Answer from Legacy Family Tree,

Legacy Family Tree's searching tools makes this task simple to do. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Search button in the main toolbar.
  2. On the Detailed Search tab, enter the criteria as shown in the image below (click on the image).
  3. Click on the Create List button.

The resulting Search List contains a list of everyone in your family file who was born during the desired year.


To ADD marriage and death results to the resulting list, go back to this Search screen and perform a similar search for the marriage information (in the Look for Whom? column change it to marriage) and the death information. But before clicking on the Create List button, click on Add results to existing List, found in the lower left.




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Is there a way to find out who died before they were 8 years old.

Roger- Go to the age at death column in the index view. you may have to add it to the view, so click on any of the column headers to do that.

Thanks. That will work although it would be better if you could make a selection or list based on age at death.


It would be nice if the colors chosen would be lighter because you cannot read the names if you print black on the blue. lighter colors and more choices would be nice.

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