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Importing your genealogy into Legacy Family Tree

If your genealogy information is in another genealogy computer program, Legacy's Import feature makes it easy to transfer the information into Legacy Family Tree - you do not have to retype anything.

To import the information, it currently requires just two steps:

  1. Export the information from your old genealogy computer program into a GEDCOM file.
  2. Import the GEDCOM file into Legacy.

Step-by-step instructions for exporting your data.

Click here for simple step-by-step instructions for exporting your data from a number of genealogy computer programs. Once completed, you will have created a GEDCOM file, which can then be imported into Legacy.

Video - importing into Legacy.

Once you have created the GEDCOM file, the next step is to import it into Legacy. The Legacy for Beginners training video demonstrates how to import the GEDCOM. After clicking on the following link, click on the GEDCOM section. Click here for the video.

Tips and Tricks:

Did you know that the easiest way to import a GEDCOM file is to simply drag and drop it onto the Legacy icon which is on your desktop? When Legacy is closed, this will automatically launch the program and start the import process. This also works with PAF and Legacy files.


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