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Pictures and Legacy

As he was getting ready for school this morning, my 5-year-old son asked me, "Daddy, what did you look like in Kindergarten?"

Fortunately, I was prepared. I was sitting at my computer, with Legacy already open. I quickly navigated to my individual record and opened my picture gallery. It contains my school pictures for every year - Kindergarten through university graduation. I located my Kindergarten picture and clicked on the Zoom button. In less than ten seconds, my 5-year-old had the answer to his question.

Are you just as prepared?

If you haven't yet entered into the world of digital imagery, you're really missing out on a lot of fun. Legacy Family Tree makes it easy to organize your photographs. Once you've scanned your picture, follow these steps to link the picture to your Legacy ancestors:

  1. Navigate to the desired individual.
  2. Click on their Picture icon.
  3. Click on the Picture icon in the upper left of the Picture Gallery.
  4. Locate the digital image and click OK.
  5. Add the caption, date, and description, and click Close.

The picture is now linked to the individual. You can link as many pictures as you want to the person's Picture Gallery. However, the picture with the asterisk next to it is the preferred picture, and will be the picture that prints on pedigree charts and other reports. Just highlight the desired picture, and click on the * button in the upper right.

These instructions are also available in the free Legacy for Beginners video. Just click on the Pictures link when viewing the video.

Click here for the video.


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How do you add a picture to your gallery from your computer without having to scan it first?

Elizabeth - with the person's Picture Gallery open, click on the Picture button in the upper right, then navigate to and select your picture.

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