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Customize Your Legacy Toolbar

At the top of Legacy is a row of buttons called the toolbar. These buttons allow you to quickly access different tools such as the Name List, Search, Merge, Create Web Pages, etc. Did you know that you can choose from over 45 different icons to include on the toolbar? Place your most-used options right on the toolbar, for the full width of your screen!

To customize the toolbar:

  1. Right-click on any of the icons in the toolbar. The Customize Main Toolbar screen appears.
  2. At the top is the list of currently-used buttons. The bottom section contains all of the available buttons. To add a button to your toolbar, simply drag and drop it into the desired location.
  3. Click OK when you are finished.

To remove a tool from the toolbar, drag it off the Toolbar in the top row and drop it somewhere on the background. Any tools to the right will move in to fill the space.

To move a tool from one position to another, drag the tool from its current position to the new position. The other tools will be moved to make room and fill the space.

To put all the standard tools back on the toolbar in the default order, click the Reset Default button.

The Customizable Toolbar is a feature of Legacy Deluxe Edition only, and not the Standard Edition. If you would like to order Legacy Deluxe Edition, please visit our Online Store at


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Thanks so much for this tip!!! I had no idea about this option. Keep tips like these coming. They really help! Thanks again!

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