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Legacy Tip: How is my Father's Brother's Son's Daughter related to me?

The following question was recently asked in the online Legacy User Group:

I've found a number of good relationship [charts] for identifying relatives from a common father, Gfather, GGfather and so on as the common ancestor. But what I'm trying to find is a chart for the relationships dealing with the siblings of these fathers and grandfathers.

My Father => My Father's Brother => My Father's Brother's Son => My Father's Brother's Son's Daughter

How is "My Father's Brother's Son's Daughter related to me?

This can be accomplished using a couple of different methods:

Set Relationships

  1. In the Family View, locate yourself.
  2. Click on the Tools menu. Click on Set Relationships.
  3. Click on the Set Relationships button.

The relationship of everyone in your family file (in relation to you) has now been calculated. Just navigate to your father's brother's son's daughter and above her entry in the Family View will be listed her relationship to you.

This is also explained in Your 12-Step Checklist to Using Legacy. Watch a video preview here.

Relationship Calculator

  1. In the Family View, locate yourself.
  2. Click on the Tools menu. Click on Relationship Calculator.
  3. At the bottom left is your personal information. Click on the Select Right button to select the person with whom you want to calculate a relationship.
  4. At the top right of the screen, the relationship is listed.

This relationship can be printed as a nice relationship chart, showing the descent of each person from the common ancestor. Just click on the Print button, then click on Preview.

Relationship Report

Once you've set the relationships, you can print a report which lists everyone's relationship to you.

  1. Click on the Reports icon.
  2. Click on the Books/Other tab.
  3. Click on the Relationships button.
  4. Select your options and click Preview or Print.


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On the topic of relationships, I have found that the Relationship Diagram (Click Reports > All Reports > Forms Centre > Relationship Diagrams) answers many questions about the more complex relationships within a family tree.

[Hey, I've just noticed that my Legacy spells centRE rather than centER, (and colour too!) - is this because of the Options>Select Language setting set to English UK? If so, that's really clever - Microsoft doesn't even do that!]

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