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Different Methods of Receiving Legacy News articles

Email delivery just isn't what it used to be. We just get too many unwanted, unsolicited emails. Many computer users are now using some kind of spam filtering software. You may have installed special software, or your Internet Service Provider is automatically filtering your emails. Because of this, some of you no longer receive the "good" emails, including our Legacy News.

Another reason you may not be receiving Legacy News anymore is because you have changed your email address. If this is the case, you will need to resubscribe to our newsletter with your new address.

Legacy News is now published nearly every day. Thousands read the articles every week. These articles include tips on using Legacy, technology tips, breaking news from the genealogy industry, and much more.

If you are subscribed to our Legacy News mailing list using your current email address, and you still are not receiving our emails, it may be because of the spam filtering problems described above. We've worked hard to find another solution, and now our news articles are accessible in these formats:

Legacy Home. Legacy 6 introduced the new Legacy Home tab. As part of Legacy Home, the Legacy News section brings you the headlines of the news articles. All you need is an Internet connection, and the articles automatically appear in Legacy.

Blog. The articles can be read by visiting our blog site at Here, the articles are archived by date and category. For example, click on the Technology Tips link in the Archives section, and you will get to read all of the articles that have been published relating to genealogy technology. For more information on blogs, read "What is a Blog?"

RSS Feed. You can install the free Sharpreader software and subscribe to the Legacy News or any other blog. Whenever a new article is available, it will be immediately delivered to Sharpreader. The advantage of using this technology is that the articles are not transmitted via email, therefore, your spam control will not somehow block its delivery. For more on RSS, read Dick Eastman's article here.

LegacyNews Headlines. The headlines and other important Legacy information is still emailed twice a month. To ensure that you receive the email, make sure that you are subscribed at, and make sure that your spam-filtering software is not blocking it.


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