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Legacy Tip: Fixing Potential Relationship Problems

Relationship problems can creep into your family file in a number of ways: data entry errors, entering duplicate records by mistake, importing GEDCOM files that already have problems, accidentally merging the wrong people, and so forth.  Relationship problems are apparent when you examine a family in Family View, open the Spouse List, Child List or Parent List for an Individual. Relationship problems can also result in looping errors when creating reports, or they become apparent when you run a Potential Problems Report, or you discover them when reading a chart or book report.

Inexperienced Legacy users often makes things worse trying to fix the problem by deleting records when they should unlink, or creating duplicate records when they should link to an existing record.

Here are 11 common relationship problems and how to fix them. Work from the Family View when carrying out these solutions. Click here for the complete article.


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When I open my Legacy 5 deluxe it starts with my great grandfathers` second oldest brother ( g grandad was the oldest) I would like it to open with my 7x g grandfather how can I change this


In the Family View, first navigate to your 7x g grandfather.

Then click on the Options menu, and click on "Set Preferred Startup Family."

Finally, click on the button entitled "Set Current Family as Preferred Startup."

This should do it.

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