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Legacy Tip: Birthday/Anniversary Reminders

Ever missed a loved one's birthday? How about your own anniversary? With Legacy 6 you'll never have this problem again.

The new Legacy Home tab in version 6 contains a birthday and anniversary reminders section. When you start Legacy 6 for the first time, however, this section will be noticeably blank. To set a birthday reminder, you'll first need to navigate to the person for whom you want to set a reminder. In their Individual's Information screen, click in the box next to the birthday reminder option at the bottom.

Now Save your changes by clicking on Save in the upper right. Click on the Legacy Home tab and the reminder should appear.

If the reminder doesn't appear:

1) Click on the picture of the House in the upper left to refresh the screen.

2) Click on Options > Options to change the number of days in advance that the event's reminder should appear.

Anniversary reminders are set from the couple's marriage information screen.



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A great idea and very useful as well. However for those of us that would like to also remember a loved ones day of death could this option be included in future versions of Legacy?

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