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Legacy Video Tip: Family View Labels

This quick tip is also available as a FREE video.

There are up to five lines on both the Husband and Wife boxes of the Family View that can display information. Each of these information lines can be changed to other pieces of information you might want to view instead. To change the lines:

Step 1: Click on any of the descriptive labels to the left of the lines.

Step 2: If you would rather view something other than the cause of death, click on the button that has the three dots, next to the cause of death line.

Step 3: This is the list of different field names that you can display. Just click on the desired field name and click Select, then click Close

Notice that the Age at Death is now displayed for each person, here, in the Family View.

This quick tip is also available as a FREE video.


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Thank you for this tip. I was able to change the cause of death to the name of 2nd spouse. It is so much easier to see that to notice the number on the button for spouses.

I think it would also be nice to have the ability to show the name of the burial address, then the name of the cemetery would show up.

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