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November 16, 2009


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SURE...HAND WRITE A LETTER! Since we don't do that very often, just how many of us find that our hands cramp up and our penmanship has gone by the wayside!
I know I've found that to be true for me! ;)

Get a GWave account.

Thanks for letting us know.
Should we put a message on the Dutch Legacy website? Or will the mailservers be back online soon?

Thanks for letting us know. Hope you're up soon.

Oh! yes I agree with Christine. After years of mostly using a keyboard for communications, my hand now even cramps up in protest at writing a shopping list!! :)

What about getting an e-mail account via a ISP who provides e-mail access on their website. When I am travelling, I can monitor my e-mail from my provider. Or I can use my Gmail account on the Google website since I use that address for most of my e-mail contacts anyway, including Legacy.

You could have done this quickly and told everyone (by e-mail) about this "temporary" address or you could even keep it.

Peter Hecht

You said:
Ten years ago I made the ultimate mistake by checking it one last time while my wife was in the car waiting to drive to the hospital for the birth of our first child. I shouldn't have told her. :)

I bet you only made that mistake once!

Sorry to hear about the problems, Geoff. May I suggest that anyone with problems can contact WUL at http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/WUL/ . Although this group is normally for web users only, during the period of the LUG downtime I will be happy to allow any query.

Ron Ferguson

How about an update here on the email problem?


Our email is back up. Ken's working on getting the user group mailing list back up now. Thanks for your patience. Sure is nice to be connected again.


Thanks for the update.


Any word on the email lists?

While I am wishing everyone at Legacy a very great Thanksgiving, I would like to have an update regarding the status of the email for the LUG groups. Do you think someone could be kind enough to update us. Thanking you in advance.

I'll be sure to publish something here the minute I hear an update about the user group mailing list.

Can you please give us the latest status on the LUG mailing list? Latest status above was 2 weeks ago. Thanks.

Peter, just this morning some of our private mailing lists were restored. Our public Legacy User Group mailing list will likely soon follow. Thanks everyone for hanging in there.

Thanks for the encouraging news.


thanks for the update... sounds like you all had the biggest crash of crashes.

Oh! How I miss the User Group mailing list. Any news yet?

Barbara - yes, the user group is back. If you're not now receiving its messages, you'll need to resubscribe at http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/LegacyLists.asp

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