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September 05, 2008


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On the Birth Certificate template, there is a space for "Certificate Number." We are having a hard time figuring out which of the numbers on each birth certificate WAS that number.

I'm still hoping to hear that there is something coming that will assist in converting my "old" sources to the new format. I have hundreds of sources (I've tried to be diligent ) but have no time to make all new sources using the new format. Any sort of time line on this?

Thanks for all your hard work. I LOVE Legacy!

Geoff, I am spreading the word about this informative and helpful news blog by tagging you on my blog with the "I Heart Your Blog" award. You can read about it at http://familycurator.blogspot.com/2008/09/love-is-growing.html.

I'm with Blaine. I've been diligent with my sourcing and have nearly 5,000 sources in the consistent formats I developed for myself prior to Legacy 7 (based on the principal that a citation is there to enable someone else to easily locate the document cited). I'm not using the new SourceWriter because I don't have time to convert my old sources, and I want to maintain consistency.


Response to the person asking about birth certificate numbers:
Contact the original repository for information. Different states or local counties have used different numbering systems at different periods of time. In Illinois, I contacted the County Clerk's Office for the explaination of the three different numbers at the top of a certified copy. Some of the numbers are stamped, some of the numbers are hand written, and some of the numbers are pre-printed. The staff was very helpful in answering the questions. The staff also explained that this is individual to the location. A standard for numbering certificates has not been adopted.

Like GenQueen and Sue, I too have been diligent with my source citations but do not have the time to convert hence, I do not use SourceWriter. Hopefully Geoff will come to our rescue.

I have been using SourceWriter since it was first introduced and absolutely love it. I too would like a means to convert the old sources over to the new format.

I am also somewhat dismayed that we can't create our own SourceWriter templates (and hopefully share with others) as some of the sources citations I use haven't been added to the list yet.

Brad - for now, you can use the steps outlined at http://www.mail-archive.com/legacyusergroup@legacyfamilytree.com/msg26496.html to convert Basic sources to SourceWriter sources.

Just wanted to say that I love Legacy's Source Writer system. I began my Family Tree on Tribal Pages just using their online site. I knew nothing about sources. Since discovering Legacy & the beginners training videos I now try to diligently document all my sources. I still have quite a few ancestors that I can't remember where I found the information during my pre-Legacy days. Legacy is AWESOME!!! Thank you heaps for the great work you guys do.

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