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August 18, 2008


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My German cousins don't speak/read English and I don't speak/read German so I'm wondering if the new German language of Legacy will translate my English files to German so I can share my family information with the cousins. Using the German option language in Legacy (in 'Reports') only translated the names of the months of the year.
Thank you for your attention to my concerns....

Carol - yes, the German version of Legacy will translate all of the phrases/labels to German.

I'm a thick headed individual who needs everything spelled out. What do you mean by phrases/labels. Are these the items that are embedded in the Legacy program? What I'm asking is, if I enter data into a note field or into a source field, in english, can these english entries be translated into German or any other language that Legacy currently uses.

Respectfully, Bill Ellis

Bill, the text that you have personally typed will not be automatically translated. However, all report phrases (John married Mary) are translated into German, as well as all other aspects of the program. Legacy leaves your actual data how you have entered it.

When will our language -Vietnamese- be available ? We use the western alphabet as Englsih/French with special accent marks on the vowels, very close to French. Unicode fonts are used intensively along with our special drivers.

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