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June 05, 2007


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Good to see search strings being updated quickly - however - is there any modification that can easily be made to this one to restrict it to ancestry.co.uk and/or restrict it to UK search results only?

Modifying a string is only possile in Legacy Deluxe, the free edition has the customize-button, but replies that this is only a Legacy Deluxe feature. So there should an update that includes the new string for those who use the free version.

For Ancestry.co.uk with just UK records try the following URL "http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?rank=1&tips=0&gsfn=[GivenNames]&gsln=[SurName]&gsby=[BirthYear]&gsdy=[DeathYear]&srchb=r&gl=allgs". Seems to work for me!

It would be great when fixing this problem that in the next release to have more than 8 viewable custom searches. I have 20 that I use often and have to reposition the searches make the ones I want to use that day viewable. A drop down list of user customized searches would be a nice improvement to this useful feature in Legacy.

While on the subject of searching, I must say that the internal searching feature in Legacy leaves a lot to be desired. If I want to search for data contained in a master source or within source details or a source name or part of a source name, there is no way to do it. I certainly hope this changes with the next version.

thank you for this useful tip -upgraded my search string straight away with no problems.

I updated the search string as instructed but got a page saying ancestry.com had been given too little info. I tried a number of ancestors with varying amounts of info. what did I do wrong?

I tried to copy the new url to get into Ancestry.com for "search the internet" and it didn't work. I know that the person I tried it on is there....as I have extensive family tree there. I have been having problems with this "search the internet" since you came out with version 6 delux.... NEED HELP!!

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