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February 27, 2007


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In situations of that nature it's useful to search in all bordering states in any case.

I've been using AniMap for years & years and love it. But sometimes it's too accurate - many ancestors were born in "Utah Territory" but this doesn't compute in Temple Ready. In other areas I often insert, for example: "Kirtland, Geauga (now Lake), Ohio" to indicate the correct name from the original record. Gives others a heads up that there are different places to look and reminds me also.

I have used Animap 2.51 with some success, but have a couple of problems with it. One is that the dialog and display boxes in Sitefind do not allow you to see all of the data (columns) and you can't resize it to do so. The date in the "pluck" option result box can't be read at all, and can't be resized.
The other problem is no one can seem to tell me who owns and who supports the product, which is why I have not upgraded to the latest and greatest.

Larry, AniMap is owned and developed by The Gold Bug. Their website is www.goldbug.com.

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