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February 20, 2007


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As somebody who has been involved in the technical side of the computer industry for nearly 30 years, I have a radical suggestion. Instead of people having to learn jargon why don't we try and speak english. Then we'll discover who understands and who's hiding behind the buzzwords

We try very hard to communicate in plain English. However our first question to a user who is having a problem is "Please tell us what is happening."

It's the user who will start by saying something like "I am having trouble merging." Only after further questioning do we find out they are trying to import a GEDCOM.

Or there was the user who refered to a monitor as the "glass thing that looks like a TV." Yes that is simple and understandable, and we can and do deal with that.

Thanks for your comments.

I want to print out the Legacy News articles (or some of them, if not all), but can not see how to get a printer friendly version without all of the side ads. Is that possible?

Loran, I was able to highlight the text portion with the mouse. I started with the cursor just to the left of the capital L in Learn the Lingo and holding down the left mouse button I drug the mouse to the end of the article. No ads or sidebars. Then I pressed control c, switched over to Word and pressed control v. Bingo, there was the article. If I wanted to keep it all I'd have to do is give it a name and save it in Word.

In reply to Loran Braught. In Internet Explorer, highlight the section that you wish to print. When the print preference box 'pops up', under 'Page Range' tick 'Selection'/ Click prinr the Print button and you have your answer.

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